6 Picks for the Perfect Pump-Up Playlist

Gameday Playlist

It’s game day! Are you ready? Even the best athletes in the world sometimes wake up on game day feeling unmotivated. What do they do when they’re not feeling their best? They throw on their headphones and listen to their playlists of pump up jams! There’s nothing like a power anthem to get you ready to take on any challenge in front of you.

We’ve assembled a playlist of the best pump up jams to help you feel confident and powerful for whatever challenge lies in front of you today, whether it be the biggest meeting of your life, an exam you have to nail or a marathon you’ve been training for for months.

1) Beast Mode - Ludacris

When you step onto the field, you know it’s time to put on your game face. Marshawn Lynch knows it’s time to enter Beast Mode. The Seahawks running back appeared in Ludacris’ video for his song Beast Mode, showing exactly why he’s considered a beast, standing next to Luda at a press conference, mean-mugging at the camera. Of Lynch, Ludacris said, "The same way he's plowing down people on the field, I'm plowing down people in the music industry and all these rappers.” Whether your challenge is football or tearing it up in the studio, this track will have you feeling fierce.

2) Stick Talk - Future

Remember when Michael Phelps made that iconic face? In an interview, he revealed that he was listening to Stick Talk by Future. If it’s good enough for the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, it’s good enough for us!

3) Paradise City - Guns ‘N’ Roses

“Rags to riches or so they say/Ya gotta keep pushin' for the fortune and fame.” Your first big win can really feel like going from rags to riches, especially when you win something like your first Olympic gold medal. You’ll find this track on the playlist of two-time gold medalist Shaun White.

4) Champions - Ron Artest

Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, has played for multiple NBA teams over the course of his career, winning his first championship with the LA Lakers. His song Champions was announced on live TV after an intense victory in Game 7. We wonder if he would have released the song if they hadn’t won...

5) I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly

Hear us out: Olympic 5,000 and 10,000 meter competitor, Mohammed Ahmed has a playlist that he listens to on race days. It’s stacked with fast-paced pump-up jams to get your blood flowing but there are a couple of slow burns. Ahmed explained, “You can't just have the super pumped-up songs where the beat is so hard-hitting that you're about to explode, you have to slow it down a little bit.” So, don’t write off the slow jams when compiling your game day playlist.

6) "Energy" - Drake

Portland Trail Blazers Meyers Leonard knows that energy is necessary when you’re in the heat of the game. What gives him energy? Drake! While we can think of a slew of other Drake songs that would fit well on a pump up jam playlist, we’re sticking with Leonard’s pick because without energy to compete, you’ll just fall flat.

What do you think of our picks? What would you add to the playlist? Do you have your own pump up playlist? Share yours with us!

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