NFL Broadening Cancer Campaign to Focus on More Than Breast Cancer


By Charlotte Carroll, | Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Starting this Sunday, the NFL will be broadening its cancer awareness campaign, no longer using October to focus solely on Breast Cancer and the color pink.

Instead, the league will use the month to raise awareness and money to fight multiple types of cancer.

Teams were originally told last October about the switch that would begin this season. The Bengals' Devon Still, who publicly documented his daughter's battle with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, was a big proponent for the shift.

The cancer campaign, called Crucial Catch, will use other colors to help shift its focus to other types of cancer.

"While all teams will support the overall league message of early detection and risk reduction, each team has elected to support either a specific cancer or multiple cancers for its 2017 Crucial Catch game," the NFL said on its Crucial Catch website. "Throughout October, NFL Crucial Catch games will feature players, coaches, fans, and referees in apparel supporting multiple types of cancer, as well as additional on-field and in-stadium branding to help raise awareness for the campaign."

The NFL partners with the American Cancer Society to raise money and awareness, raising more than $18 million since the program's inception in 2009.

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