What is GIVBAK?

GIVBAK is a turnkey digital fundraising solution, raising money to benefit brand, team and athlete charitable initiatives through an online sweepstakes. With a local focus in the US, sports specific experience prizes are created giving fans the chance to win unique, one on one meet-ups with star athletes for a minimum donation of $10.

GIVBAK provides everything you need to invigorate your fundraising efforts by expanding your reach and maximizing your time. As a full service platform, our team manages all fundraising aspects including: 

  • - Campaign storyline
  • - Content creation for social media posts
  • - Website technology
  • - Paid digital advertising investment
  • - Campaign swag fulfillment
  • - Experience logistics
  • - Legal compliance and contract execution


GIVBAK was created to power the passion of professional athletes and teams who care about the communities they represent. As a valuable tool to unite with millions of fans, GIVBAK captures participation from millennials, females & “Average Joe” sports fans through fun, authentic engagement.  

Athletes can expect to see a minimum of 35% increase in page likes and new followers during a GIVBAK campaign period. Existing brand partners can be incorporated by sponsoring campaigns and benefit from a community-centric, local-market strategy on social media platforms while gaining the ability to drive traffic on-site with swag coupons.  

By leveraging brand partner relationships and social media followings, professional athletes and teams are able to raise more money than ever before for causes they care about.

Financial Structure

At GIVBAK, our greatest mission is to help improve communities by connecting sports fans with their heroes.

80% of donations received are given to the charities our partners support to help them change lives of those that need it the most.

To fuel this mission, we take a small 20% fee from the net amount donated after the costs of credit card processing and campaign advertising and promotion.

Our fee allows us to grow our reach and make even more one-of-a-kind experiences possible. • Jady Conboy and Lisa Mason Eck • 412-427-2987 •
CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY • 1/08/19 • © Copyright GIVBAK 2018

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