The GIVBAK Story

What is GIVBAK?

GIVBAK is a one-stop-shop digital fundraising solution that benefits sports team and athlete charitable initiatives with a local focus in the US

Sports specific fan experiences are created giving fans the chance to win unique, one on one meet-ups with star athletes for a minimum donation of $10

A full service online sweepstakes platform, GIVBAK manages all fundraising aspects including website technology and analytics, organic and paid digital content creation, campaign swag fulfillment, experience documentation and all legal compliance requirements

    Why GIVBAK?

    New supporters are generated for charities by converting sports fans into donors while existing communities are engaged through the creation of unique, action-inspiring content

    With minimal use of foundation and talent time and resources, GIVBAK provides story driven content and paid advertising strategies that captures participation from millennial, female & “Average Joe” fans through authentic fan engagement on social media platforms

    Fundraising campaigns provide sponsor tie in opportunities for increased audience reach and matched contribution


      80% of Net Proceeds Raised goes directly to Charity



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