What our #GIVBAKWinners Are Saying!

Ultimate Penguins
Penalty Box Experience

"Best night ever!! I even caught a puck!! Thank you so much. This was an experience we will never forget. I'll be smiling about it for weeks!!"

Steelers vs Packers Front Row,
50 Yard-Line Seats

“Thanks again to GIVBAK for truly the experience of a lifetime! The game was phenomenal - can’t believe that we won as the clock literally wound down! The entire experience has been so amazing for Steve and I. Thank you, thank you!!!”

Steelers vs Bengals Ticket

“My GIVBAK experience was absolutely amazing. It was my first time at Heinz Field, and sure won't be my last. Thank you, GIVBAK.”

How much of the money raised goes to the charity?

At GIVBAK, our greatest mission is to help improve communities by connecting sports fans with their heroes.

80% of donations received are given to the charities our partners support to help them change lives of those that need it the most. To fuel this mission, we take a small 20% fee from the net amount donated after the costs of credit card processing and campaign advertising and promotion. Our fee allows us to grow our reach and make even more one-of-a-kind experiences possible.

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