How do you GIVBAK? It’s easy!

Here's how it works:

1. Team Up

We offer a variety of opportunities to connect with your favorite sports stars and help with their important causes. Check out our current ultimate fan experiences and pick who you want to team up with to raise money for their local charity.

2. Give

Choose your giving level and score some awesome swag. The minimum donation is only $10. $10 = 100 chances to win! $20 = 200! You get the picture. And higher levels offer “thank you” rewards on top of these chances.

3. Win

One winner will be randomly selected for the ultimate fan experience and will get to present their athlete with a BIG check to benefit a local charity. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

4. Impact

Improve local communities across the country year after year with heroes, on and off the field. It’s a win-win! That’s not something that happens at your average sporting event.

In no time at all you’ll be in the running to win a one-on-one experience with some of the best athletes in the country and checking one unique experience off of your sports bucket list. Combined with the warm and fuzzy feeling that you are doing good in your community? What a time to be alive.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page ›

How much of the money raised goes to the charity?

At GIVBAK, our greatest mission is to help improve communities by connecting sports fans with their heroes.

80% of donations received armed given to the charities our partners support to help them change lives of those that need it the most. To fuel this mission, we take a small 20% fee from the net amount donated after the costs of credit card processing and campaign advertising and promotion. Our fee allows us to grow our reach and make even more one-of-a-kind experiences possible.

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