The GIVBAK Story

Jady and Lisa met as neighbors in Pittsburgh, PA and soon became lifelong pals. Little did they know that ten years later their common interest in giving back by helping others would push them to quit their jobs, unite their passions, and found GIVBAK.

Lisa was always looking for ways to think outside the box as an event producer and professional solicitor, to help her nonprofit clients create new opportunities to raise money for their causes. Jady had her hands full as an entrepreneur developing, launching, and scaling new products and businesses. Even though both were successful at their jobs, they felt like something was missing.

With a spotlight on local charities, Lisa and Jady decided to harness the power of sports for good, creating change in hometowns across the United States through unique sports experiences.

GIVBAK is a community of fun-seeking, sports-minded individuals who cheer on our hometown teams. We embrace challenges, playful competition, and uniting for a common good.  At the heart of GIVBAK lies charity and a love for sports. By partnering with professional athletes and their teams to provide extraordinary fan experiences for as little as a $10 donation, GIVBAK gives you the chance to positively impact your own community.

We are happy that you’ve taken the time to get to know us and our story, and we hope to get to know you too! Welcome to GIVBAK. Let’s get started!

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