Make a difference.

GIVBAK lets you donate for a chance to win awesome experiences with your favorite athletes while making an impact in your local community!


How can you get even closer to the game you love?

You love sports. You never miss a game, always rooting for your favorite team. You know every stat and can relive every play. But you’re looking for more. You’re looking to connect with the stars who make the plays. You’re looking for a chance to stand next to your favorite athlete and share a one-on-one experience.


How can you make your mark?

You want to make an impact on your community. You volunteer, organize, and give what you can. You’re always looking for a chance to make things better, to help someone out, to save the world. And if you can get a little something in the process, even better, right?


How can you do what’s never been done?

You want to make memories. You want to live an unusual life. Other people may be content to sit back and watch, but not you. You want a chance to do something no one else has ever done, to meet heroes and live dreams.

GIVBAK is your chance.

We provide the opportunity to win unique sports experiences that make a difference. When you give as little as $10, you are entered into the running for an exclusive, in-person meetup with a sports star. Give more, and you may also receive thank you gifts like cool apparel and memorabilia.

The proceeds from each GIVBAK campaign go to support important causes that can make a huge difference in your community, spreading hope to those who need it most. Doing good and connecting with your heroes? Nothing beats that.

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